Eye Mask
Circa 2010-2012

Noctura Eye Mask – The world’s first commercially available non-invasive treatment for diabetic retinopathy, administered through ground breaking OLED technology. 

PolyPhotonix Eye Mask & Pod (www.noctura.com)
Rendering used as marketing material for publicity.

The user comfortably wears a mask at night while the timed light treatment is administered. Each mask contains a padded fabric band to hold the pod. These last and record several nights of usage which are then returned to be recycled. The pods were specifically designed to be self contained requiring no input from the user.

Pod & Technical Drawings
Rendering illustrating the internal (B Surface) locations, snapfix and poka-yoke details.

Revised Assembly Sketches.
Concept development for fabric mask assembly.

Simplified Mask & Pod.
Fabric mask stripped down to minimal components for ease of assembly and cost, Incorporating pocket for pod location. 

SLA and Preproduction prototypes created to assess component fit.

Sketch development for initial facemask element, then refined into a more simplistic two part construction to hold the pod in place. Initial preproduction units used an opaque polymer so component placement could be viewed and assessed after ultrasonically welding the upper & lower casings together.

European Design Registration 2298729-0001 capturing the intellectual property generated by the product design during the project.

Now sold as the Noctura 400 Sleep Mask, a revolutionary treatment for diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema (DMO).

EON DESIGNS : Portfolio (1997-2024)
Ian Balmain Hewitt - Industrial Designer

Senior Lecturer - Northumbria University
BA(Hons) Design for Industry