Polapulse Flashlight

(Product no longer in production)

PolaPulse Flashlight - A disposable flashlight developed and powered around the Polaroid flat battery pack used in their original instant camera cartridges. Due to the battery manufacturing process along with the high tollerance needed to fit within the cartridges, a large number could not be used. The PolaPulse Flashlight was created to use batteries unfit for the cartridges.

Production Technical Drawings.
Final drawings used for the production tooling for the casings. Layered with an original concept rendering.

Refined Sketch Development.
Further concepts showed the flashlight sliding open to become a lantern as a secondary light option. (Became too complicated and expensive to take further.)

Initial Sketch Development.
Early, rough concept sketches exploring ideas.

EON DESIGNS : Portfolio (1997-2024)
Ian Balmain Hewitt - Industrial Designer

Senior Lecturer - Northumbria University
BA(Hons) Design for Industry