(Acquired by Siemens Medical Group 2000)

Ultrasound Scanner
Circa 1997

US Design Patent.
This was the first project worked on after graduation which then went on to be granted a United States Design Patent.

Portable Ultrasound Scanner - First in a series of small scanners designed to be highly portable allowing quick scans to be carried out anywhere within the hospital environment. In 1999 Ecton was acquired by Acuson, who were later acquired by Siemens Medical Engineering Group in 2000. 

Siemens continued to market the scanner in its original unchanged design as the Acuson Cypress Echocardiography System.

Product won Silver at the 2000 Medical Design Excellence Awards

Concept Sketches.
Very early iniitial concept sketches, incorporating fold down keyboard.

Refined Concept.
Illustration presenting the final proposed concept variation.

Full scale appearance model created by external model making company for final evaluation before concept sign-off. Model included fully articulating keyboard.

Sketch Rendering.
Created for concept approval. Only minor design changes were applied before appearance model was commissioned.

EON DESIGNS : Portfolio (1997-2024)
Ian Balmain Hewitt - Industrial Designer

Senior Lecturer - Northumbria University
BA(Hons) Design for Industry