(Company dissolved 2019)

Breathable Needle
Circa 2002-2003

Breathable needle designed to equalise the pressure when transferring liquid / drugs from one container to another (vented vial access). Incorporated a 0.2 micron vent filter to prevent contamination during the process.

Concept Development Sketches.
Illustrated assembly and air passage through filter.

SLA Models.
Created at a scale 10:1 to fully evaluate fit and design details.

Used to illustrate final concept before comitting to expensive tooling.

Went into production as the Baxa CyTwo-Fer Needle. Initially available in only a 16mm version, but due to its success, was then produced in a smaller 4mm length version for use with shorter vials.

EON DESIGNS : Portfolio (1997-2024)
Ian Balmain Hewitt - Industrial Designer

Senior Lecturer - Northumbria University
BA(Hons) Design for Industry