(Newcastle University, QuantuMDx, BioTransformations Ltd.)

Circa 2008-2012

A series of medical animations using visual communication skills to effectively describe, educate and inform new ground breaking complex medical or scientific knowledge to the untrained.

Animation showing the revolutionalry process of using light activation cloaking technology to selectively adminster treatment within the body.

Sketch Storyboard.
Following talks with the client to understand the technolgoy and visualise how to communicate the process.

Originally shown as a series of 30+ PowerPoint slides, the process describing the cloaking of proteins such as antibodies were simple geometric shapes. Re-imagining the process as an animation taking the viewpoint from within the body using elements viewers could identify with.

Animation Frame for Publicity.
Additional red blood cells added to bring more realism to the scene. (Originally cell count not so dense due to rendering limitations and overly cluttered frame, reducing visibilty for the storytelling.)

Newly developed hand-held portable diagnostic unit. Required publicity of their product’s technology allowing for both internal and external communication of its potential.

Development Storyboard.
Revised storyboards describing product details and camera movement.

Animation Frames.
Selection of frames from the final animation, depicting the blood sample entering the unit, cells stripped down to the DNA strands, replicated and then entering the analysis chamber.

Explaing the process of transplanting pronuclear material from a fertilized egg containing abnormal mitochondria to one with healthy mitochondria preventing any genetic disease being passed on from mother to child.

Sketch Storyboards.
Understanding and describing the process.

EON DESIGNS : Portfolio (1997-2024)
Ian Balmain Hewitt - Industrial Designer

Senior Lecturer - Northumbria University
BA(Hons) Design for Industry